SMI-Manager™: Effective management tool for your organization !

13.03.2021 SMI-Manager™: Effective management tool for your organization !

As a manager, you have probably looked for an IT tool that would allow you to monitor the evolution and performance of your teams. You may concern about:

  • Have the commitments to customers been kept?
  • Are my company's processes under control?
  • What is the current status of the indicators?
  • What is the status of risk management in my company?
  • Is the Internal Control System (ICS) monitored and is the COSO table up to date?
  • Are customer complaints handled as your expectations?
  • What about internal audits; are they planned and what are the results?

... and many more.

With the SMI-Manager™, you can manage and track the progress of all activities in your company. You know who does what, why, when, how and in which customer/supplier relationship.

The SMI-Manager™ offers a comprehensive solution for your organization toward optimize control, and drive operational performance to the next level. It allows the leadership vision that you have worked out patiently, the the means to improve the effectiveness of communication and implementation for your teams, a software tool that can provide your organization with the frameworks to improve better your internal control systems and streamline business processes.

From the process map and its breakdown, you can visualise, in real time and at any moment, the real situation of your company in terms of quality of services and performance; a general dashboard will allow you to monitor its situation.

The SMI-Manager™ allows you to significantly increase the efficiency of your management and executives so that you are guaranteed a consistent and harmonious return on investment.

We invite you to test the SMI-Manager™ for free, directly from

The SMI-Manager™ is destined to evolve according to the expectations and needs of its clients. In advance, we thank you for sending us your impressions, suggestions and remarks through the "support" tab, directly from the application. We will take good note of all feedback and comments from users; this will enable us to move forward more quickly in improving the software.

Risk Management
Maintaining good corporate reputation and reducing costs
more information...
Your processes orchestrated according to your managerial vision
more information...
Document Management
Accessibility of your current documents through processes
more information...
Audit management
Reducing risks, errors or damages and detect problems before they get out of hand
more information...
Non-compliance notices
Information collection relatives to a non-compliance, a customer complaint or a malfunction
more information...
Enable managers to systematically follow up on cases, based on factual data.
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